The Project: Public vs. Private Persona

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The Project: Public vs. Private Persona by Mind Map: The Project:  Public vs. Private Persona

1. Rules & Assessment

1.1. Rules for Project

1.2. Standards

1.2.1. Performance Assessment

1.3. Why I Created this Project

2. Step 4: Performance or Media Arts Project Depicting One's Public/Private Persona

2.1. Instructions

2.2. Final Reflection

3. Step 3: Reflection on the Public Persona

4. Step 1: Discussion Topic: Who Am I Really?

4.1. Discussion of Identity: Who am I really?

4.1.1. Caitlyn Jenner Rachel Dolezal

4.2. In order to create and understand characters, do we need to understand ourselves?

4.3. When defining a person, what do we consider or need to know?

5. Step 2: Investigation of the Public Persona

5.1. Instructions

5.2. Report

6. Project Based Learning