ETCV 530: Multimedia Applications in Education

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ETCV 530: Multimedia Applications in Education by Mind Map: ETCV 530: Multimedia Applications in Education

1. Keeping Current

1.1. Part 1

1.1.1. Reader Feedly

1.1.2. Feeds AIAA Engineering Daily Faculty Focus Gizmag

1.2. Part 2

1.2.1. Review Description of each feed General description URL 2-3 things learned from each feed SpaceX FlyTrex Making Reading Interesting Flipped Instruction Were they useful? Why/why not? AIAA Engineering Daily Faculty Focus Gizmag

2. Class Participation

2.1. Introduction Post

2.1.1. Current Job Grad Student/Army Pilot

2.1.2. What I'd like to learn from the class New classroom technology applications

2.1.3. Something nobody know about me Shot down in Afghanistan during first deployment

2.1.4. Favorite quote(s) "Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Einstein "The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you. Do not be discouraged, do not be afraid." - Deuteronomy 31:8

2.1.5. One extra fun fact Native Tucsonan: Eegee's and Mexican food connoisseur

2.2. Introduction Form

2.2.1. Complete through Moodle

2.3. Slack Participation

2.3.1. Upload

2.3.2. Read

2.3.3. Comment

3. Encouraging Creativity

3.1. Watch videos

3.1.1. Post thoughts/ideas Sir Ken Robinson Talk 1 Talk 2 Adora Svitak Adults can learn from kids ... within reason Tim Brown Design: think with your hands Jay Silver Exploration and creativity: tracing the organic origin of everything.

3.1.2. Agree/disagree

3.1.3. Greatest/least impact

3.2. Lesson Idea

3.2.1. General Context Thermal-Fluid Sciences

3.2.2. Least Favorite Topic Psychrometrics

3.2.3. Learning Objectives What learners will be doing Take tour of power plant Model power plant with software and/or physical model What instructor will be doing Lecture Give tour of power plant Assess/grade Why Get's cadets out of classroom Allows for creative freedom in model and design

4. Organizing Understanding

4.1. Part 1

4.1.1. Share/post initial thoughts in Slack Visual map of thoughts

4.2. Part 2

4.2.1. Complete Mind Map of concepts learned

5. Expressing Information

5.1. Infographic

5.1.1. AH-64D Apache Longbow

5.2. Tools Used

5.2.1. PowerPoint

5.2.2. Google Drawings

5.2.3. Excel

5.3. Lessons Learned

5.3.1. Visual presentation stimulates mind differently

5.3.2. More effective technique than say a narrative

5.3.3. Infographic is a visualization of data - NOT a schematic!

6. Protecting Your Digital Tattoo

6.1. Digital Citizenship Resources

6.1.1. Digital Responsibility

6.1.2. Netiquette

6.1.3. Cyberbullying Prevention

6.2. Policy Letters

6.2.1. Students McAfee Stay Safe Online Netsmartz

6.2.2. Faculty

6.3. Permanent Digital "Ink"

6.3.1. Facebook

6.3.2. Twitter

6.3.3. World Wide Web and Social Media

7. Your Digital Toolbox

7.1. PowerPoint

7.1.1. Use: slide show presentations

7.1.2. Audience: Any demographic of any size

7.2. ForeFlight

7.2.1. Use: Pilot application for all things aviation

7.2.2. Audience: Aviators around the world

7.3. Command Post of the Future (CPOF)

7.3.1. Use: Command and Control software system

7.3.2. Audience: Army commanders and staff

7.4. XFLR5

7.4.1. Use: Aerospace analysis software for airfoils, wings, airplanes

7.4.2. Audience: Aerospace engineers, students, researchers, professionals

8. Final Reflection

8.1. Important Concepts

8.1.1. Digital Tattoo/Citizenship

8.1.2. Infographic

8.1.3. Encouraging Creativity

8.1.4. Digital Toolbox

8.2. Changed View

8.3. Expanding Understanding

8.4. Suggestions