Sharing economy

An attempt to re-frame the sharing economy concept from a value perspective

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Sharing economy by Mind Map: Sharing economy

1. value generation

1.1. item creation

1.1.1. open (crowdsourcing) collaborative license free IT platforms license free content comment on license free content recommendation on license free content competitive comment on propietary content recommendation on propietary content propietary content

1.1.2. closed collaborative bicycles for shared urban systems public transportation vehicles public information items competitive UBER self driving cars traditional hotel rooms airplanes, taxi's and other private transportation vehicles internal wikis AIRBNB starts building hotels propietary IT platform

1.2. item sharing

1.2.1. collaborative public rental/sharing services public bicycle systems school system health system public infrastructures public transportation public libraries public matchmaking services unemployment offices

1.2.2. competitive private rental services car rental community laundries taxi service bike rental house rental private matchmaking services home sharing car sharing life sharing travel sharing information sharing food sharing transportation sharing

2. benefits for service

2.1. intangibles

2.1.1. end user affordability convenience freedom from status maintenance free networking

2.1.2. end service provider reputation recognition

2.1.3. intermediary reputation visibility/recognition

2.1.4. community better relationships more sustainable environment

2.2. tangibles

2.2.1. end user savings

2.2.2. end service provider service fees tips

2.2.3. intermediary service fees intelligence sales of intelligence system improvements

2.2.4. community taxes crowdfunding

3. cost of service

3.1. intangibles

3.1.1. end user social risk poor service information fatigue

3.1.2. end service provider social risk stress damage to reputation

3.1.3. intermediary and/or community damage to reputation

3.2. tangibles

3.2.1. end user subscription or fee access device(s)

3.2.2. end service provider item maintenance tear & wear damages insurance operating costs gasoline utilities

3.2.3. intermediary and/or community system personalization system maintenance community management infrastructure shared item production