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SRUnited home page by Mind Map: SRUnited home page

1. Homepage

1.1. About us

1.1.1. history Alumni Adult league

1.1.2. philosophy Olders youngers

1.1.3. News archive Global Soccer news feed

1.1.4. Staff Coach profile about the board board members profile

1.2. Programs

1.2.1. Seasons Fall Registration Spring Registration ECNL NPL

1.2.2. Camps WDA Registration Summer Registration Winter Registration SDA Registration

1.2.3. Adult League Registration

1.3. Members

1.3.1. COACHES Field Sch Registration News

1.3.2. PLAYERS Field Sch Player of the moment Training/skills Scores from the weekend News Coaches advice

1.3.3. PARENTS Field Sch Player of moment Coaches advice News College prep Programs

1.3.4. Managers Field Sch Registration Teams News

1.3.5. teams Roster profile news Field Schedule

1.4. Feature program of the moment

1.5. Scrolling photo featured content