computer system

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computer system by Mind Map: computer system

1. Information

1.1. conveys meaning and useful to people/data that has been processed.

2. computer system

2.1. a complete ,working computer

2.2. include operating system,software and hardware

2.3. necessary to make the computer function.

3. components of computer systems

3.1. hardware

3.1.1. input devices

3.1.2. system unit,CPU

3.1.3. output devices

3.1.4. storage devices

3.2. software

3.2.1. system software

3.2.2. application software

4. Data

4.1. a collection of unprocessed items

4.1.1. text

4.1.2. numbers

4.1.3. images

5. computer??

5.1. an electronic device

5.2. operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory

5.3. accepts data ,processing data according to specific rules,produces results and store the results for future