Computer System

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Computer System by Mind Map: Computer System

1. Definition

1.1. Complete working includes operating system, software and hardware to make the computer function

2. Major Component

2.1. Hardware

2.1.1. Input devices

2.1.2. System unit, CPU

2.1.3. Output devices

2.1.4. Storage Devices

2.1.5. Communication devices

2.2. Software

2.2.1. Application software

2.2.2. System software

3. Data and Information

3.1. Data

3.1.1. Unprocessed item

3.1.2. text, number, image, audio, video

3.2. Information

3.2.1. Data that has been processed into useful form

4. Information Processing Cycle, IPC

4.1. Input

4.1.1. Enter data into computer

4.2. Process

4.2.1. Transform input into ouput

4.3. Storage

4.3.1. Hold and store information for future use

4.4. Output

4.4.1. Processed data into useful form