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The Game by Mind Map: The Game

1. Player

1.1. Who Starts

1.1.1. Youngest player decide

1.1.2. Roads decide

1.2. Fashion

1.2.1. Clockwise

1.2.2. Counterclockwise

2. Map

2.1. Tile

2.1.1. Starting tile Common Starting tile Use Common starting tile on start The city of Carcassonne The Castle The Market The Blacksmith The Cathedral Use the city on Carcassonne on start Tiles of the River Spring tile The river fork Lake with a volcano Use the River on start Followers at the River Sheeps at the River Wheel of Fortune Use the Wheel of Fortune on start Starting tile with Wind Rose Use the Wind Rose tile on start

2.1.2. Common tile Getting tiles

2.1.3. Abbey tile How much Abbey tiles players have

2.1.4. King tile

2.1.5. Robber Baron tile

2.1.6. Castle token How to set Castle Scoring Castle Scoring Farms with Castle

2.1.7. Dispatch tile

2.1.8. Little Building tile Scoring Farms with Little Building

2.2. Feature on the Map

2.2.1. City Cathedral Scoring completed cities with Cathedral Scoring uncomplete cities with Cathedral Pennant Scoring pennants in completed cities Scoring pennants in uncomplete cities Scoring completed cities Scoring uncomplete cities

2.2.2. Road Inn Scoring completed roads with Inn Scoring uncomplete roads with Inn Tunnel Scoring roads with tunnels Scoring completed roads Scoring uncomplete roads

2.2.3. Cloister Shrine Challenging cloisters with shrines Wineyard Scoring wineyards near cloisters Scoring completed cloisters Scoring uncomplete cloisters

2.2.4. Farm Crop Circle Pitchfork chop circle Club chop circle Shield chop circle Affecting chop circles Scoring farms

2.2.5. Volcano

2.2.6. Magic portal

2.2.7. Bazaar Trading tiles on bazaars

2.2.8. Hill Strength of the follower on the hill

2.2.9. Lake

2.3. Sign on the Map

2.3.1. Mage sign

2.3.2. Robber sign

2.3.3. Gold sign

2.3.4. Aircraft sign

2.3.5. Dragon sign

2.3.6. Princess sign

2.3.7. Trade Counter

2.3.8. Wind rose sign

3. Figure

3.1. Follower

3.1.1. Standard Follower Role of Standard Follower Strength of Standard Follower Where to set Standard Follower

3.1.2. Phantom Follower Role of Phantom Follower Strength of Phantom Follower Where to set Phantom Follower

3.1.3. Big Follower Role of Big Follower Strength of Big Follower Where to set Big Follower

3.1.4. Mayor Role of Mayor Strength of Mayor Where to set Mayor

3.1.5. Wagon Role of Wagon Strength of Wagon Where to set Wagon

3.1.6. Women Follower Role of Women Follower Strength of Women Follower Where to set Women Follower

3.1.7. Returning followers

3.2. Special Figure

3.2.1. Barn Where to set Barn

3.2.2. Builder Where to set Builder

3.2.3. Pig Where to set Pig

3.2.4. Tower part Where to set Tower part

3.2.5. Wooden bridge Where to set Wooden bridge

3.2.6. Gold piece

3.2.7. Shepherd Role of Shepherd

3.2.8. Ferries Where to set Ferries

3.2.9. Robber Where to set Robber

3.3. Counting Figure

3.3.1. Dice

3.3.2. Big Ping Pig

3.3.3. Sheep token

3.3.4. Wolf token

3.3.5. Trade Counter

3.4. Neutral Figure

3.4.1. Dragon

3.4.2. Fairy

3.4.3. The Count

3.4.4. Mage

3.4.5. Witch

4. Game set

4.1. Basic Carcassonne

4.2. Inns and Cathedrals

4.3. Traders and Builders

4.4. King and Robber Baron

4.5. The Princess and the Dragon

4.6. The Count of Carcassonne

4.7. The River II

4.8. The Tower

4.9. Abbey and Mayor

4.10. Shrines and Heretics

4.11. The Wheel of Fortune

4.12. The Tunnel

4.13. Bridges, Castles and Bazzars

4.14. Crop Circles

4.15. The Flier

4.16. The Goldmines

4.17. Hills & Sheep

4.18. The Phantom

4.19. The Messages

4.20. The Ferries

4.21. Little Buildings

4.22. The Robbers

4.23. Mage and Witch

4.24. Wind Roses

5. Scoreboard