The use of pesticides and the effects they have on wildlife and people

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The use of pesticides and the effects they have on wildlife and people by Mind Map: The use of pesticides and the effects they have on wildlife and people

1. Other names

1.1. Herbicide

1.1.1. Removes unwanted vegetation

1.2. Fungicide

1.2.1. Eliminates fungi and fungal spores

1.3. Insecticide

1.3.1. Eradicates insects and bugs

1.4. Disinfectant

1.4.1. Kills mildew, bacteria and mould

1.5. Rodenticide

1.5.1. Kills rodents and small mammals

2. Effect on People

2.1. Delayed

2.1.1. Carcinogenic Tumours Cancers

2.1.2. Genetic Birth Defects

2.1.3. Endocrine System Developmental Issues Mimics Oestrogen Reproduction problems

2.2. Acute

2.2.1. Nervous System Blood and Nerve Disorders

2.2.2. Impairments Renal and Liver

2.3. Allergic

2.3.1. Dermal Irritation

2.3.2. Respiratory Burning Sensation

3. Documented effects of banned pesticides

3.1. DDT

3.1.1. Girls exposed to DDT before the age of 14 were five times more likely to develop breast cancer.

3.1.2. Ovarian Cancer

3.1.3. Obesity

3.1.4. Kidney Disease

3.1.5. Alzheimer's Disease

3.2. Agent Orange

3.2.1. A Herbicide used in the Vietnam War Physical Disformity Mental Disability Residual dioxins in breast milk and blood Skin Disease Cancers Reduction in local fauna and flora Residual dioxin found 44 years after use Residual dioxin found 44 years after use

3.3. Lindane

3.3.1. Insecticide Carcinogenic

4. Types

4.1. Natural

4.1.1. Costly

4.1.2. Low success rate

4.1.3. Made from natural ingredients

4.1.4. Limited Types Bt Protein Non-pathological bacterium Alpha Terpineol Derived from plant oils Potassium Bicarbonate Baking Powder

4.2. Synthetic

4.2.1. Effective

4.2.2. Commonly Used

4.2.3. Chemical Compounds

4.2.4. Negative Properties

4.2.5. Low Cost

5. Effects on Wildlife

5.1. Ecosystem

5.1.1. Ecotoxicity Water Pollution Continues to contaminate whole food chain Pesticides remain in bodies of water affecting aquatic life forms Air Pollution Respiratory illness Skin irritation Environmental Degradation Soil Pollution Plants are unable to absorb nutrients from contaminated soil Slow degradation of pesticides in soil

5.1.2. Resistance to pesticides

5.2. Direct Effects

5.2.1. Impact Nervous System Nervous System Failure

5.2.2. Genetic changes Deformity

5.2.3. Endocrine System Developmental Problems Reproduction Problems

6. Regulations

6.1. Legislation

6.1.1. NSW Pesticide Legislation

6.2. Acts

6.2.1. US 1996 FIFRA Act

6.2.2. Australian Pesticides Act

6.3. Requirements

6.3.1. Sample testing of pesticides present in produce

6.3.2. Banning the use of pesticides known to have negative health impacts

6.3.3. Ensure pesticides are used correctly

6.3.4. Monitor the concentration and use of pesticides

6.3.5. Licensing of commercial pesticide users

7. Exposure

7.1. Dermal

7.1.1. Direct contact with pesticides

7.2. Oral

7.2.1. Ingestion of pesticides

7.3. Inhalation

7.3.1. Inhalation of chemicals present in the air