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Roe TWC301 by Mind Map: Roe TWC301
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Roe TWC301

TWC301 Reading Notes

Characteristics of technical and professional communication



Technology oriented


Research Oriented



Design centered


Dobrin CH1 Notes

D#1, HW 14

Problem Solving Approach (PSA)

D#1,HW14 HTW

Dobrin CH2 Notes

Thinking Rhetorically

D#2,HW2 Web Resources

Dobrin CH3 Notes

The purpose of this chapter is to describe the current computer technologies used to create, revise, and disseminate workplace documents and to communicate and collaborate electronically. When collaborating ensure there is discussion and agreement on the program or operating system.

Creating Documents

Collaborating and Communicating

The Future of Workplace Writing and Computer Technology

D#2,HW3 HTW Notes

Dobrin CH4 Notes

Ethics and the Workplace Writer This chapter is specifically about the choices writers make in conveying accurate, honest information, which we call "ethical choices".


  A code of conduct that helps individuals determine what is right and what is wrong.  

Ethical Guidelines for Workplace Writers

Avoid Unethical Writing

D#2, HW4 Web Resources

Dobrin CH5 Notes

D#3, HW3

Key Points of Difference

Understand that you can never get the full picture.

avoid stereotyping

never assume, ask questions, collaborate with a translator

Enhance Translation

terminology, clarity, cultural and rhetorical differences, design

Guidelines for Writing for Transnational Audiences

D#3,HW3 HTW Notes

Dobrin CH7 Notes


D#3,HW4 HTW Notes

Predrafting Strategies

Types of Organizing

Writing the Draft