Introduction to Project Management 16 June 2015

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Introduction to Project Management 16 June 2015 by Mind Map: Introduction to  Project Management 16 June 2015

1. Creative Training Hub

1.1. @CT_Hub

1.2. Social Enterprise

1.2.1. Heavy Arts focus

1.2.2. Community focus

1.3. Arts sector

1.3.1. Dependent on funding

1.3.2. Business principles lacking

1.4. Mapping Project (Mapify)

1.4.1. Connect Arts organisations

2. Workshop Plan

2.1. What makes success?

2.2. Project lifecycle

2.3. Key Steps

2.4. Structure, tools, methods

2.5. Questions & Answers

3. What is a project?

3.1. Time-Sensitive

3.1.1. Problem that is scheduled to be solved

3.1.2. Designed to achieve specific goal

3.2. Project

3.2.1. Outcome often unique and not repeated

3.3. Programme

3.3.1. Collection of interdependent projects

3.4. Portfolio

3.4.1. All active programmes

3.4.2. All active projects

3.4.3. Aligned with organisation strategy & objectives

4. Success v Failure

4.1. What brings success?

4.1.1. Clear goal Aligned with strategy SMART Objectives Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timed What impact?

4.1.2. Good team Skills Identify skills required first Know the members Complementary Trust them in roles

4.1.3. Connecting Dots Communication Clear line management

4.1.4. Managing stakeholders Hecklers Promoters Supporters Saboteurs Deliberate Accidental

4.1.5. Adaptability

4.2. What causes failure

4.2.1. Lack of buy-in Internal External

4.2.2. Grey areas

4.2.3. Scope creep

4.2.4. Unrealistic goals

4.2.5. Lack of measurement

4.2.6. Poor expectation management

4.2.7. Bottle necks

4.2.8. Failure to learn lessons Failure to ask tough questions Confront the brutal facts

5. 4 Key Stages

5.1. Aspirations

5.1.1. What are these based on? Opportunism? Or organisational goals?

5.1.2. Feasibility Studies

5.1.3. Kick-off meetings Get together in person Gather all ideas Identify key questions Build understanding

5.1.4. Key questions? Why project is needed? What's problem to be solved? Who wants to see change?

5.1.5. Can you nail down one clear overall objective

5.2. Planning

5.2.1. Key Questions

5.2.2. Top 3 Milestones

5.2.3. Too many 'top priorities'

5.2.4. Aligning objectives

5.2.5. Metrics that matter

5.2.6. Risk log

5.3. Implementation

5.3.1. WBS Tool to track progress Clarify key points Reducing wordiness Hierarchy and order Delegate tasks Communicate with team

5.3.2. Managing your team Forming Getting to know Who's who Who's doing what Storming Jostling for position Hecklers emerging Possible coaching required Lack of clarity Norming Everyone on board One vision/plan Focused and supportive Performing Competent Confident

5.3.3. Risk Management Identify Qualify Scoring Likely to happen? What is the impact? Evaluate Mitigate

5.3.4. Stakeholder Management Decision Makers Direct Influencers Indirect Influencers Observers

5.4. Measure & Close

5.4.1. How will you record data? Change log Stakeholder list Risk log

5.4.2. Strategic objectives met?

5.4.3. Efficiency & productivity?

5.4.4. Budget and ROI

5.4.5. Handover Are you handing over in best state? Comprehensive resources/docs

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