Our Hypothesis

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Our Hypothesis by Mind Map: Our Hypothesis

1. The more amenities, the safer the disabled

1.1. 'Amenities'

1.1.1. Daily Life Lifts Braille on the lift buttons Toilets Handicap and Elderly Toilets Road Crossing Green Man Scheme

1.1.2. Welfare Exercise Corners Not many muscle training/Weights exercise, more simply exercises for mobility Ramps For the ease of wheelchair-bound people

1.2. 'Safer'

1.2.1. What would be a safe environment for the elderly/disabled? safe from accidents, diseases, maintain good health Amenities would help prevent accidents and promote health

1.2.2. Definition: protected from/not exposed to danger or risk, not likely to be harmed

1.3. 'Disabled'

1.3.1. Physically Wheelchair-bound Difficult to access areas, move about

1.3.2. Visually Impaired Unable to see danger approaching, not fully aware of what is going on

1.3.3. Loss/Lack of Hearing (Deaf) Unable to hear surrounding sounds and noises that may be crucial , not fully aware of what is going on.