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IS6421 HCI by Mind Map: IS6421 HCI
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IS6421 HCI

Lecture 5 Usability Principles


Usability Principles


Lecture 1 Course Overview and Introduction

Tutorial 1

Introduction (55 mins)

Course Overview (~25 mins)

Future Interaction

Tutorial 2

Lecture 2 The Human

Information i/o via Human sensory systems (~35mins)

Memory (~20 mins)

Reasoning (~25 mins)

Tutorial 3

Lecture 3 The Computer, Interface and Interaction Style


Elements that affect interaction

Interaction Style (to be covered in Lecture 4)

Tutorial 4

Lecture 4 Interaction and PACT

Interaction Models

Interaction Layers

Ergonomics and Interaction Styles (slides in Lecture 3)

PACT Framework

PACT concerns

Example - Designing a ticket machine

Lecture 7 Design Process & Prototyping

Software Engineering

Usability Engineering


Lecture 8 Requirements Analysis

Gathering input

Scenarios (lec09)

Claims (lec09)

Lecture 9 Scenarios

Scenarios design

Claims Analysis

Lecture 10 Evaluation Techniques

Analytic evaluation

Experimental evaluation

Query evaluation

Observational evaluation

Factors on choosing an evaluation methods

Lecture 6 Design Principes

Design Principles

3D Prototyping - Google Sketch Up Training

Lecture 11 Web Design

Design and Development

Designer's concerns

4 major components

Lecture 12 HCI implementation & support, multimedia

Implementation & support


Presentation Skills

My Geistesblitzes


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