XinYi 10 Heuristics for

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XinYi 10 Heuristics for by Mind Map: XinYi 10 Heuristics for

1. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

1.1. If the password is too weak, the website will prompt the user back to the website and ask them to key in a stronger password.

1.2. The system will prompt users if they have certain fields blank

1.3. Website will allow users to know which required fields are incorrect

2. Recognition rather than recall

2.1. It is easy for users to create an account because there isn't any much steps required.

2.2. No example of how users can create the account

3. Match between system and the real world

3.1. Create account page is in logical order

4. Aesthetic and minimalist design

4.1. Company column can be optional because some people are just purchasing it for personal usage

4.2. Webpage is complicated for users to locate items

5. Flexibility and efficiency of use

5.1. The webpage caters to both experienced and inexperienced users

5.2. Fields which are required to fill are clearly shown on the webpage

6. Visibility of system status

6.1. The website have a contact information page which allow users to contact them through calls or email.

6.1.1. Materials

6.1.2. Personel

6.1.3. Services

6.1.4. Duration

6.2. Text indicates what the users are required to input in the required fields

6.3. It is easy for users to complete the required steps needed for the creation of an account.

7. User control and freedom

7.1. User can cancel the sign up page just by clicking the close button.

7.2. There is no options to change the language.

7.3. Users are only given one option when they are in the process of creating their accounting

8. Help and documentation

8.1. Look out for Login or create account button

8.2. For the city select outside US

8.3. No help button is found at the create account page

9. Error prevention

9.1. It allow users to change their necessary details online by logging in to their website

9.2. System will notify users if there are certain part not filled up

10. Consistency and standards

10.1. Colour of the background is in white hence it is not too striking for users eye.

10.2. Create account webpage is standardised

10.3. Font are standardised

10.4. The alignment of the text box are also align well

10.5. Important information does not have asterisk at the side to inform users that the column is a must fill information