Leadership Process Map: Robin Sharma

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Leadership Process Map: Robin Sharma by Mind Map: Leadership Process Map: Robin Sharma

1. Potential Problem

1.1. A client purchases Robin Sharma's Masters Series with hopes of becoming an extraordinary professional and to build their business into an empire. Unfortunately, the client was unsuccessful with their business and lost a substantial amount of money. The client now blames Robin Sharma and his program for not guiding him correctly.

2. Steps to Solve the Problem

2.1. Internal Resources

2.1.1. Work with team to see where they could have gone wrong

2.1.2. Did they give wrong advice based on the needs of the client?

2.2. External Resources

2.2.1. Review client's processes to see where client may have gone wrong

2.2.2. Did the client go against what they were taught?

2.3. Tangible Resources

2.3.1. Books Provide other Robin Sharma books to client

2.3.2. Success rates of previous clients

2.4. Intangible Resources

2.4.1. Knowledge of leaders in the firm and previous clients

2.4.2. Feedback from client's employees to determine if they followed through with what they learned during the program.

2.5. Biases should be removed from all decision making

3. Capabilities

3.1. Was the firm (Robin Sharma) capable of training client?

3.2. Was the client capable of being trained?

4. Strategic Planning

4.1. Vision / Mission

4.2. Strategizing

4.2.1. Handful of candidates are selected to participate in program

4.3. Goals & Objectives

4.3.1. Rare opportunity to work one-on-one with Robin Sharma to create an extraordinary professional and personal life.

5. Solution to Potential Problem

5.1. After reviewing all resources and capabilities, the decision would need to be made as to whom is at fault, the client or Robin Sharma and his program.

5.2. The decision would have to benefit the firm and the client, as the program was a big expense for the client.