Creating an ePortfolio

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Creating an ePortfolio by Mind Map: Creating an ePortfolio

1. Google Sites: This site allows students to create their ePortfolios for free, it is well suited to focus on displaying examples of a wide variety of work. It is also pretty easy to set up.

2. Question #2

2.1. ePortfolios allow for more interaction between students and teachers. It keeps everything in one place so that students can go back and review past work and feedback to help them improve and strive for more.

3. Question #3

3.1. Some students have a hard time with technology or keeping organized. Also people by nature get lazy so they end up not being motivated to stay on top of it. Plus the fact that technology is ever changing, so brings the fear that ePortfolios will be unable to keep up with the changes.

4. Question #4

4.1. The validity and reliability of assessment of a student's learning is increased if the students are involved with collecting the evidence of their learning. ePortfolios allows for this to happen unlike the traditional method which allows for just the teachers to collect evidence of learning.

4.2. Traditional assessment is a more teacher structured assessment, where as Authentic is a student-structured assessment. Traditional is selecting a response and contrived, or deliberately created (artificial or unrealistic). It is also based on recalling information and indirect evidence. Authentic is preforming task and real-life. It is based on applying information and direct evidence.

5. Question #1

5.1. Evernote: With this tool students can not only share their work, but they can write short lists, notes, or lengthy research. They can clip web articles, capture hand written notes, and even take pictures of their projects as they are completing them, They may also connect with other to share and receive feedback.

5.2. Project Foundry: This tool organizes, keeps track, and even shares the students learning. It even has grading tools and feedback tools.