Laughter Out Of Place Chapters 4 and 5

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Laughter Out Of Place Chapters 4 and 5 by Mind Map: Laughter Out Of Place Chapters 4 and 5

1. Chapter 4: No Time for Childhood

1.1. Many poor workers cannot care for their children while working for the upper and middle class families

1.1.1. poor children who are not street children must work from a young age.

1.1.2. rich children taken care of by poor childrens parents. (maids, nannies)

1.2. Street chidren

1.2.1. Many street children are murdered some by crime some by death squads made up of adults, amny off duty police officers

1.2.2. Many must turn to crime to survive

1.2.3. Gangs use street kids for their dirty jobs

1.2.4. Walls are up to keep these poor children from the "better" parts of town

2. Chapter 5: State Terror, Gangs, and Everyday Violence

2.1. Many gangs on the street

2.1.1. violent

2.1.2. use street kids

2.1.3. some gangs run by "reasonable people"

2.1.4. offer young people high wages and a promise of security

2.2. revenge crimes

2.2.1. commited by drug dealers, gangs, and police alike

2.2.2. off duty police taking revenge on criminals

2.2.3. off duty police in death squads

2.3. "Private Matters"

2.3.1. gangs inforce their own rules in certain areas punish people for adultry, theft, guns, coming into their terratory.