Laughter Out of Place

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Laughter Out of Place by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place

1. Chapter 4&5

1.1. Pedro Paulo

1.1.1. Children FUNABEM

1.2. Violence and gangs

1.2.1. Favelas Rebellion towards the police Poor Criminalization

2. Chapter 6

2.1. Hypermasculinization of Men

2.2. Ageless Sexuality

2.3. Feminists in Brazil

2.4. Sacanagem

2.4.1. Can be Either positive or Negative

2.4.2. Abuse

3. Chapter 7

3.1. Evening of Terror

3.1.1. Makes rape comical

3.1.2. Gloria's family is attacked

3.2. Daughters vs. Mothers

3.2.1. After daughters lose their virginity, they are "unpure" and must move from the house

3.2.2. Anita gets raped and becomes pregnant

3.2.3. Gloria criticizes teenage pregnancy Women feels as if girls must demand economic support from the fathers of their children

3.3. Legal Matters and Rape

3.3.1. Police and Law Enforcement are Not Trusted

3.3.2. Race, Gender and Class all an indicator of justice

3.3.3. Adjudication is very difficult