English 2015 CICLO III

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English 2015 CICLO III by Mind Map: English 2015 CICLO III

1. Learning the alphabet

1.1. Here we learn to identify the letters of the alphabet in English as we learn their pronunciation which is of great importance

2. Subject pronoun

2.1. Singular Pronoun

2.1.1. I, He, She, It

2.1.2. Plural pronoun

2.2. Are, they,we

2.3. JOBS

2.4. This theme was the last that we have seen and us has TAUGHT LA form important of DESIR as someone has a work or profession with support of the verb TO BE where we ask and respond or use operations

2.5. Examples:

2.6. Are your a Doctor?

2.7. Yes, I am

2.8. Is your Sister a cook?

2.9. No, She isn`t

3. Present Continuos

3.1. This topic is in we know how to conjugate the verbs by adding ING and where we can do it positively and negatively

3.1.1. Examples:

3.1.2. I'm doing my homework in the evening.

3.1.3. She's calling to her boyfriend.

3.1.4. He's running in the park

3.1.5. My father is driving the new car.

4. The Verb TO BE

4.1. Learn the importance of the verb TO BE is of much importance now that in East learn to combine prayers of I am or am using VERBS and ADJECTIVES of people in GENERAL

4.1.1. To be Form

4.2. I am

4.2.1. She, He, It Is

4.2.2. You, They, We Are

4.2.3. The Pass form of the verb

4.2.4. I, SHE, HE,IT WAS


4.2.6. Types of family

4.2.7. There are many types of family among them of three or more members or several people nearby or distant families in this subject develop existing types which are many where we stand as you say are each Member for example uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, cousin, brother, sister and met all types of family where we ordered these members , etc.

5. Demostrative Pronoun

5.1. This

5.1.1. this be use singularly

5.1.2. This is a Table

5.2. That

5.2.1. This be use singularform

5.2.2. That is a window

5.2.3. These

5.2.4. This be use in form plural

5.2.5. These a two books

5.2.6. Those

5.2.7. This be use in form plural

5.2.8. Those a three chairs

6. What time is?

6.1. Here is where teach us forms of desir time either ask what time it is so to answer the question in the different forms that exist

6.1.1. Examples:

6.1.2. 12:00

6.2. It`s twelve o`clock

6.2.1. 1:30 pm

6.2.2. It`s therty to one

6.3. 5:50 am

6.3.1. It`s Five to Fifty

6.3.2. 3:21 pm

6.3.3. It`s Twenty one past three

7. I am Wearing

7.1. It is very important to know that clothes are using the same namely that used are the other and that the way we write it and this is what we learned in this topic

7.2. She is wearing a red shirt, a black shoes, and a blue pant

7.3. He is wearing a blue shirt, a red pant, a green shoes

7.4. Importance of the Numbers

7.5. Learn about the importance of the numbers is very good to learn English whether to combine the numbers to be able to ask the time or to count or to make sums or other things that are of great importance

8. Possesive Adjetives

8.1. Here is where we affirm that something is our tullo sullo it of or from them depends on who is the object

8.2. My, your, his, her,our, its, their

8.3. Spelling Verb

8.4. This issue is of utmost importance that teaches us how to conjugate verbs, which is very important to learn English


9. There Is And There Are

9.1. There Is

9.2. There is is used to say that an object at some place

9.3. There is a chair in the living room

9.4. There Are

9.5. There are used to say that there are two or more objects somewhere

9.6. There are two table in my room

9.7. Nationality

9.8. This topic is very important because here is where we show that nationality we are is algotra person

9.9. I am from El salvador

9.10. She is From Canada

9.11. He is from Chinese

9.12. They are from spain

9.13. We are From Panama