Heuristic Evaluation

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Heuristic Evaluation by Mind Map: Heuristic Evaluation

1. Aesthetic and minimalist design

1.1. Information of rental car is not organized accordingly in the webpage.

1.2. Scrolling down and up of the page need to find information.

2. Help users recognize, daignose, and recover from errors

2.1. Searching panel for rental car - no indicator shown if the selected car is available or not to rent.

3. Flexibility and efficiency of use

3.1. Option box to choose what type of model is provided.

3.2. Option box to choose what type of fuel is provided.

3.3. Option box to select how many years to rent the car is provided.

3.4. List of car models are listed out according from lowest range of price to highest price.

3.5. No option box provided for inserting preferable price range.

4. Recognition rather than recall

4.1. Price for rental car is displayed in the website.

4.2. Full road tax are provided and it stated in the webpage.

4.3. Full warranty of rental car are provided and it stated in the webpage.

5. Visibility of system status

5.1. Background too distracting user vision.

5.2. Flicking icons appears at all pages which leads to distraction.

5.3. Too many flicking font at all pages.

5.4. Images of the transportation is not original.

5.5. Too many button in a page which user can accidentally click to unwanted link.

6. Match between system and the real world

6.1. Website used basic English language.

6.2. No hotline or email are stated in website to ask any further enquirers

7. User control and freedom

7.1. Not much of information was given regarding of the rental car.

7.2. No save button for information in the website.

7.3. When user accidentally went to previous page, all information data will be gone at current page.

8. Consistency and standards

8.1. Main menu bar button font and size are the same.

8.2. Same flicking icons appears at different page on the right side.

8.3. Font for descriptions of car model are the same size and color.

8.4. Some advertisement are repeated at different page.

9. Help and documentation

9.1. No customer service hotline or email provided at the website.

9.2. Steps is provided for searching of preference model for transportation.

10. Error prevention

10.1. No mute button to press when the music start playing.

10.2. No option box to insert range of price.

10.3. The font type of cars is too small.

10.4. Back ground of the website too colorful.

10.5. There is flickering colored font will appear at all time.