10 Heuristics Evaluation of checking of price list

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10 Heuristics Evaluation of checking of price list by Mind Map: 10 Heuristics Evaluation of checking of price list

1. Flexibility and efficiency of use

1.1. option box available so users do not need to type help users to identify accurately and quickly and saves the hassle of typing especially fills with long word requirements

1.2. The webpage does not have shortcut that classify vehicles in no. of passengers, colour of vehicle etc which may cause user to rent a car he does not want if he does not have full understanding of the car model

1.3. The web page has a forum for users to submit their budget when they have no idea what car they want to rent. They can find their best preferred car within the budget range easily and saves time as well; making it effective and efficient.

1.4. the option box for car brand has a list of fields which is so long and makes user scroll through the long list to find the car brand

1.5. the no. of years and price in the result page are randomly placed instead in order, as such causes irritation and confusion when searching for a specific car deal

2. Help users to recognize, diagnose and recover from errors

2.1. error message explained in plain languages

2.2. does not precisely tell what is wrong nor give constructive suggestions for some fields

3. Aesthetic and minimalist design

3.1. too many unnecessary advertisements not in relation with cars and random links and a chicken walking around at the home page

3.2. there is an irritating music whenever a page is directed

3.3. Every extra unit of information in a dialogue competes with the relevant units of information and diminishes their relative visibility in the homepage. eg. random advertisements and links

4. Match between system and the real world

4.1. the terms in the website are easy to understand as it matches the user's understanding of the terms

4.2. the language used is English

4.3. website appears natural and logical; the cars and rental/purchasing looks very real

5. Help and documentation

5.1. there are videos available to explain and clarify doubts in the FAQ at the side of the page

5.2. no all doubts are clarified in the video, if user still have any more things to clarify, they wouldn't be able to and would remain confused

5.3. On the left side of the page shows all the car brands and models that the company has making it easier for user to search for their preferred car

6. Error prevention

6.1. pops up message when a field is not filled up

6.2. important fields have to be typed twice eg. passwords for confirmation

6.3. if important information is invalid or confirmation fields does not match with one another, error message will remind user indicating where is wrong

6.4. On the price list, there is an option box for users to select the criteria and show the number of deals the criteria has. When the search result shows zero deals, it would alert the user to select another criteria instead of continuing with the futile search, which saves their time

6.5. Some of the more info link which will help user to find out more about the car model is broken

6.6. when the search result is zero deals, and user clicks on the 'show me the deals' button, no results or error message appears to inform the user

6.7. if user accidentally make a wrong search, user cannot go back or undo, they will have to redo

7. Consistency and standards

7.1. the terms used are consistent

7.2. the method for search is the same and it all links to ordering of vehicles eventually

7.3. when browsing for vehicles, there are many vehicles of the same brand and model which may confuse the user

7.4. When the user have any enquiries, they can click on the FAQ link on the side of the page. However, the website has also other FAQs links that will lead user to different forums which may cause hassle or confuse the user

7.5. the number of years and price in the results page is randomly arranged, there is no consistency

8. User control and freedom

8.1. there is no undo button thus user have to redo if he made a mistake

8.2. user can exit quickly by clicking on the 'back' button on the page if they accidentally click on a link they do not want

8.3. When user accidentally rent a car/vehicle he does not want, it is impossible for him to get refund or exchange for another car

9. recognition rather than recall

9.1. every vehicle that is available from the search has a picture of it beside the vehicle brand and model to enable user to visualize how the actual vehicle look like

9.2. the website does not allow user to return to their previous search result. thus, if user want to do comparison between vehicle models and brands before deciding what to rent, user is unable to do so which may cause user to give up on renting a car from the website

9.3. user cannot return to their previous search and have to remember where a particular deal is as the result page shows price and years arranged randomly if they want to compare prices

10. visibility of system status

10.1. There are a lot of random and unnecessary advertisements/popups which may distract the user from finding what they want.

10.2. The main headings of the web page does not stand out which makes it hard for the user to start search

10.3. The font is easy to read

10.4. the font size is small which cause users to squint their eyes to look for what they want on the result list