BW/Commercial Invoice

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BW/Commercial Invoice by Mind Map: BW/Commercial Invoice

1. Definition

1.1. Document through which the exporter...

1.2. ..charges the importer for goods purchased.

2. Questions

2.1. Does the merchandise description (weight, ...

2.2. ...quantity and price) conform exactly...

2.3. ..with the letter of credit and other documents?

2.4. Are the name and address of exporter and ...

2.5. ... and importer exactly as shown in the Letter of Credit?

2.6. Have the correct number of copies been presented and signed if required?

2.7. Is it made out in the same currency as the Letter of Credit?

2.8. Is the trade term (cif, fob) listed?

3. Given Information

3.1. Description of Goods

3.1.1. Quantity

3.1.2. Quality

3.2. Incoterms

3.2.1. fob, cif, etc.