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Watch Videos About Horse Training by Mind Map: Watch Videos About Horse Training

1. Before saddling your colt for the first time use a lunge line and throw it on their back various times. Put a breast collar on them so the saddle doesn't slide off. before putting a saddle pad on your horse rub it on them where they can see you.

2. When loading your foal into a trailer by themselves, use a whip to get them used to pressure. Put your lead line through the rings where you would tie your horse up, when you are out of the trailer, pull on the lead line to pull your horse in. Also us a lunge whip to force them in.

3. To watch videos click the arrow in each bubble pointing to the right.

4. Watch more about loading.

5. With a spoiled horse you will want to make them do lots of small lunging circles and backing up to teach them to be aware about personal space.

6. Working with aggressive horses