How I can become an ICT whisperer

r grant
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How I can become an ICT whisperer by Mind Map: How I can become an ICT whisperer

1. Whatever the technology in the classroom, work with it.

1.1. Have non ICT alternatives,as a back up plan

2. Introduce class criteria for ICT use

2.1. answer an educational problem

2.2. collaborate

2.3. integrate

2.4. support play

2.5. students must be in "driver's seat"

2.6. develop Code of Conduct (eg report inappropriate sites)

2.7. develop understanding of discretionary use

3. Apply whatever software + programs + Apps are available - seek feedback from Students

3.1. Create a personal library of free software that can easily and appropriately be downloaded in the classroom - seek feedback from Students

4. Cultural concerns - seek clear direction from school administration + parents

4.1. Share examples of successful use throughout whole school

5. Set limits - if no improved learning outcomes, discontinue use

5.1. If at first we don't succeed, try, try and try again