Final Assignment

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Final Assignment by Mind Map: Final Assignment

1. Title and Introduction

1.1. Title: Ethics and the College Student

1.2. Thesis Statement: Despite not having a live professor or proctor to physically monitor students, online college learners are no more susceptible to cheating than traditional students because the students are already prone to ethical behavior prior to enrolling in college.

1.3. Pique the Reader's Interest: Interesting quote or fact that catches the audience's attention and ties into the thesis statement.

1.3.1. Inspire someone about your topic?

1.3.2. Specific grade?

1.3.3. Do your best work?

2. Core Topics

2.1. Define Ethics

2.1.1. A set of values or principles that dictate human behavior.

2.1.2. A moral compass governs someone's actions, even when they have the opportunity to get away with something commonly viewed as immoral.

2.1.3. Provide examples of ethics in everyday occurences

2.2. Online Students vs Traditional Students

2.2.1. A student doesn't abandon their ethics simply because they are no longer in a traditional school setting.

2.2.2. Cheating in the classroom remains mostly the same for students, whether they are in the digital or physical realm.

2.3. Applying Ethics in the Digital Classroom

2.3.1. While the temptation to cheat can be more pronounced for the digital learner, staying true to one's beliefs is paramount to retaining the information being discussed in the classroom.

2.3.2. By failing to apply ethical behavior in the classroom it can be assumed a person will continue to exhibit this character flaw into the workforce.

3. Structure

3.1. Introduction

3.2. Core Topics

3.3. Summary

4. Administration

4.1. JUL26

4.2. Mrs. A.

5. Proofread & Finalize

5.1. Title Page

5.2. Brief Outline

5.3. Does the core topics address the position taken?

5.4. Was audio/visual clips added to increase interest by the viewer? Do they correspond with the topic?

5.5. Was at least one quotation included?

5.6. Don't forget reference page!