Adult Learners in an Online Environment

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Adult Learners in an Online Environment by Mind Map: Adult Learners in an Online Environment

1. teachers/instructors become co-learners as all are brought into the digital age of education

1.1. technology becomes the driving force

1.2. instructors must adjust how material is presented

1.3. learning through multiple online discplines

2. Why online learning?

2.1. digital age

2.2. learners are learning differently today than the traditional approaches of yesterday

2.2.1. always learning - hunger for knowledge

2.3. time/money/location

2.4. different goals/methods of achievement

3. organizational/learning tools

3.1. learning styles inventory

3.2. use strengths and improve weaknesses

3.3. learners in charge of direction/organization

3.4. habits to avoid

4. different goals/methods of achievement

4.1. interactive learning platforms

5. conclusion

5.1. We live in a digital age. Learners today are learning differently than traditional approaches from the past. Digital strategies are necessary for success as an adult learner in the modern world.

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