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SUPT by Mind Map: SUPT

1. Not in Group

1.1. Susan-MH, JP, YL, RC, RB, HD, LD, CL, BM, RS, MT, VC, RW

1.2. Shana-JS, MS, DA

1.3. Sharon-LB, YL, MN, OP, LR, GR

2. Phase 0 (Crisis and Entry)

2.1. SADH, PIOP, PICU, CAMHS, MEdical Practice, RR, Comunity, SR, Other Clinics

3. Phase I

3.1. Home Base Tract

3.1.1. POssible engagement individual tract

3.2. Education and Learning Tract

3.2.1. PW, TM, GW

3.3. Practicing Tract

3.3.1. EH, ME

4. Phase II (Exploring Tract)

4.1. EG, AH, Straz-RM, MF, JR, SD, TF, JK, PQ, JN, EN

5. Phase III (Maintenance)

5.1. 2x-week possibility

5.1.1. DA, JD, JF

5.2. Sharons-JF, FG, AH, RR, GF

6. Why not in group

6.1. Distance

6.2. Not Appropriate

6.2.1. fear of groups

6.2.2. APD/or other severe Axis II

6.2.3. Avoidance

6.2.4. psychotic/fragile

6.2.5. Easilty Flooded

6.3. MST

6.4. Occasional Use-LIARS!!!-need testing

6.5. Non-combat Trauma

6.6. School/work schedule

6.7. Young Guys-new to tx

7. Adjunct

7.1. OEF/OIF

7.2. Seeking Safety

7.3. Mindfulness

7.4. Anger Management

7.5. Yoga

7.6. Reducing Avoidance

7.7. New node

7.8. New node

7.9. New node

7.10. New node

7.11. New node

8. Evaluation and Engagement Group

8.1. JV, JP, GL, PC, MA, SR, EW RW, SR, DB, JP ---New update: EH, PC, EA, JV, DL, EW, TB, MA, TC, JP

9. Phase I (Sharon)

9.1. eg, da, tm, pw, jd, jf, eh, ah

10. Phase II (Straz)

10.1. rm, mf, jr, sd, tf, jk, pq, jn, en

11. Phase III (Sharon)

11.1. jf, fg, ah, rr, gf

12. Phase I (Nancy)

12.1. gw, me, MK, RW, EC, DB, GL, RC maybe TG