10 Heuristics of Evaluation for creating account at lingscars.com

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10 Heuristics of Evaluation for creating account at lingscars.com by Mind Map: 10 Heuristics of Evaluation for creating account at lingscars.com

1. User control and freedom

1.1. Do not have redo and undo button after submitting the personal profile. Users have to re-edit again.

1.2. Have 'skip' button for user to skip the question and get back to it later.

1.3. Has a 'next' button for users to proceed to next question.

2. Visibility of System status

2.1. Displaying useless pictures that has no link to registering account.

2.2. Pop-ups are moving and it will attract the user's attention thus it annoys user

2.3. Users are well informed of what they are doing. For example, there is a header to allow users understand what they are doing

2.4. Irrelevant comments to users who are trying to register an account

3. Match between system and real world

3.1. Used simple and understandable words that users are able to understand and perform task

3.2. Some words are complicatred to understand. For example, instead of using friendly name can use nickname.

4. Consistency and standards

4.1. The font used are not consistant. Some words are bold and they are not important,

4.2. Every action that is done by user does not has the same meaning. So user won't be confused

4.3. Some words might have the same meaning. For example, they asked for user's name and friendly name.

5. Error prevention

5.1. Do not have a confirmation option for user to prevent user from making errors.

5.2. Does not check the errors that user make. For example, i wrote [email protected] and it works.

5.3. Making the registration simple thus it prevents user from making errors.

6. Recognition rather than recall

6.1. Instructions are given. User do not need to recall anything. Just need to follow the instructions given.

6.2. Easy to retrieve as well

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

7.1. Does not have short cuts for users.

7.2. It is easy to register an account thus it takes the same amount of time for both novice and expert user to register.

8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

8.1. Irrelevant pictures which is not link to registering an account.

8.2. Irrelevant comments such as saying user look 11 while they are 18. this might annoy the customer

8.3. The header allows customers to understand what they are performing.It is simple and straight to the point. As you can see from the picture, the header is simple and understandable.

9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

9.1. no tutorials given to user after making errors.

9.2. Instructions are given clearly to help user recognize errors.

10. Help and documentation

10.1. It does not consist of a 'help' button to assist the users's doubts.

10.2. Does not have video tutorials.

10.3. The controls are easy to locate

10.4. There is FAQ for user.