Roadmap Discussion

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Roadmap Discussion by Mind Map: Roadmap Discussion

1. Sources

1.1. Websites

1.2. Competition

1.3. Business Requirements Documentation (CURRENT)

1.3.1. Prioritization (Critical)

1.4. Research and Vision

1.5. Other Implementations that is applicable for the product/Reference Implementations

1.6. Demo Pointers by Stakeholders/audience of the apps

2. Exploration (SWOT)

2.1. Business Benefits

2.2. Business Challenges

2.3. Process Challenges

2.4. Technology

2.5. Implementation Approach

3. Detailed Exploration

3.1. Implementation Roadmap

3.2. Push Forward

3.3. Reject

4. Implementation Roadmap

4.1. Product gets developed

5. Idea Detailing Meetings

5.1. Structured Meetings

5.1.1. Have a meeting agenda in place

5.1.2. Schedule for ONE hour

5.1.3. Weekly- Wednesdays from 1430 hrs

5.2. Review new ideas - 10 mins

5.3. Idea Log

5.3.1. Template Raja to work on it!!

5.4. Ideal Exploration Status - 15 mins

5.4.1. Assign Stakeholders

5.5. Pickup for Exploration

5.5.1. Assign Stakeholders - 10 mins

5.6. Product Roadmap

5.6.1. Product Roadmap Assistive Customer Application Customer Mobile App Kiosk Application Apparel-Catalog Browsing Request for Assistance/Appointment Personalized and Contextual Recommendations Personalized Product Search Assistive Sales Application More customer insights Store Heat Map Assistance Management Customer Service Functionality Store Heat Map Administration UI Cross-Store Pickup Workflow Device Management and Tracker Promotions and Content Management Map Management System Integration Cash Drawer Integration POS Integration Loyalty Systems Multiple Product Recommendation (Pre-built) In-Store Navigation Optimal Path Map Visualization 2D - Augmented Reality 3D - Augmented Reality Devices and Custom Devices Custom Device Kiosk Beacons Cart Mounted External Devices Operational Empowerment Sales Trackers Resource Optimization KPI Dashboard Live Footmap Sales Forecasting/Inventory Forecasting