Reserve Inventory

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Reserve Inventory by Mind Map: Reserve Inventory

1. Success

1.1. Auth Payment

1.1.1. Success Commit Reservation Success Failure 2267

1.1.2. Failure System error Renew Reservation Retry Payment auth - N times? - 2278 Insufficient Funds / Declined 2279 Expire Inventory Reservation Redeem waitline token with status false Can't reach payment back-off strategy??

2. Failure

2.1. no inventory

2.1.1. bubble 'no inventory' back to waitline service

2.2. unable to reach Inventory service

2.2.1. return failure code to waitline

2.2.2. back-off strategy??

2.3. 500 error

2.3.1. return to waitline

2.4. reservation not found

2.4.1. 2268

3. Does payment undo giftcards if CC fails?

4. check waitline isturn during validate step