Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension by Mind Map: Reading Comprehension

1. Digital Tools

1.1. Reading Comprehension Applications:

1.1.1. Speakit: Allows the reader to highlight text and have it read to them. Sometimes it is easier to understand when someone reads to you.

1.1.2. Subtext: encourages students to analyze what they read, articulate what they think, and make connections between texts and the outside world.

1.1.3. Readability: This application allows the reader to adjust the settings. They can change the background color, font style, size and color. This is helpful when your learning environment changes.

1.2. Digital Books/ eReaders Functions

1.2.1. Highlighter function: allows students to highlight in a variety of colors. Using different colors to indicate different ideas, areas they need to go over again or even answers to questions they were looking for.

1.2.2. Note taking function: allows students to add notes to sections throughout the book. This allows students to analyze each section and write their simplified version in their own words.

2. Effective Strategies

2.1. Break the reading down into sections:

2.1.1. Students should take notes in their own words as they read each section. This will have them analyzing what they read and writing it where they can better understand it.

2.1.2. When students finish reading it is helpful to go back through their notes to make sure they understood what they read.

2.2. Association

2.2.1. Applying what they read to their own life will help reinforce what they learned. (How does the subject effect them?)

2.3. Using Learning Styles

2.3.1. Kinesthetic Take study breaks often, get up an move around It may be helpful to read while doing something, such as walking on a treadmill.

2.3.2. Auditory Create a voice recording for auditory learners.

2.3.3. Visual Create a timeline of events, graphs, charts and other visual aids to help the visual learner.