Pixel Arts

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Pixel Arts by Mind Map: Pixel Arts

1. MastHead

1.1. Color

1.1.1. Bright 'Art' will be the one that's colourful andhave details

1.1.2. Vibrant

1.1.3. Chic 'Pixel' will be black

1.2. Font

1.2.1. Bold Solari The bold font Penguin Sans

1.2.2. San Serif

2. Article Headline

2.1. Fonts

2.1.1. San Serif

2.2. Colours

2.2.1. White/ bright colors to stand out

3. Layout Ideas

3.1. Main Image that take up the whole cover with article headlines at the bottom or sides

3.2. Masthead on the top middle

4. Image

4.1. Background color

4.1.1. Black/Grey/White (Mainly dark color)

4.2. Colorful image so it stands out from the background