Project Plan Outline

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Project Plan Outline by Mind Map: Project Plan Outline

1. Common Myths

1.1. Myth 1: I need to decide on my career before I attend college

1.2. Myth 2: College is only 4 years

1.3. Myth 3:Your college experience will be like everyone else's.

1.4. Other common misconceptions about college

2. References

3. Project Information

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. Effective strategies for completing a degree

3.2. Effective strategies

3.2.1. Tools one can use to complete a degree

3.2.2. Who can I talk to help me complete my degree?

4. Outline

4.1. Project Information

4.2. Resources

4.3. Pathways to Success

4.4. Common Myths

4.5. References

5. Resources

5.1. Programs

5.1.1. College Readiness Naviance Program LEAP Specific college based programs to help with readiness, ie. from DeVry or Columbia

5.2. Scholarships

5.2.1. Essay Scholarships

5.2.2. Sports Scholarships

5.2.3. Degree based Scholarships

5.3. Tuition Assistance

5.3.1. FAFSA

5.3.2. Military TA

6. Pathways to Success