Elements of the Self-Guided Social Media

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Elements of the Self-Guided Social Media by Mind Map: Elements of the Self-Guided Social Media

1. The self-guided social media training manual is specifically designed for the staff members of Countyline Medical Center. Countyline Medical Center, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a fast paced, rapidly growing medical practice that currently employs nine doctors and twenty eight staff members, including individuals in management and financial departments. With the current trends in technology use and social media implementation within the business sector, Countlyline Medical Center must put an effective policy and procedure protocol into effect for the best interest of its continued business and future success.

2. Resources

3. Who This Guide is For

4. Social Learning Overview

4.1. Uses Tools

4.2. Social learning users

4.3. Material authors

4.4. Types of learning

4.5. Advantages

5. Social Media Risk & Responsiblity

6. Social Media Tools

6.1. GoToMeeting

6.2. Lynda.com

6.3. Prezi

6.4. Wiki

7. Training Activities

8. Feedback

9. Standards of Performance

10. Objective

10.1. The main objective of the self-guided social media training manual is providing a resource that can be presented to employees in order to provide instruction concerning the fundamentals, advantages, and benefits of social learning based on various social media tools including Lynda.com, GoToMeeting, Prezi, and Wikis.

11. Purpose