Discrimination in Today's Society

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Discrimination in Today's Society by Mind Map: Discrimination in Today's Society

1. Solutions

1.1. Set a standard that does not place the blame on a certain group of people.

1.2. Set a standard that people cannot be fire or employed based on gender, race or ethnicity.

2. Issues

2.1. People lose jobs, are harrassed or end up dead due to

2.1.1. Prejudice against a group

2.1.2. Sexism

2.1.3. Racism

2.1.4. Homophobia

3. Those Affected

3.1. Disabled

3.2. People in General

3.3. LBGT+ Community

3.4. Poc

4. Opposing Views

4.1. There should be a law banning ________ people from doing things. Or banning _________ people.

5. Setbacks

5.1. Some people may not cooperate in helping solve the issue.

6. In-Game Expression

6.1. Using color to express emotion (screen turns an translucent color to represent emotion such as red for anger).

6.2. Create a game that is in the PoV of a person who has experienced discrimination based on their appearance.