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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Assessments allow student to learn and allow teachers to learn where her students are. They provide teachers information which in turn allows them to modify their instruction if necessary. With assessments the data is used to make decision about improving teaching strategies and student learning.

1.1. Formative Assessment

1.1.1. Process of gathering evidence of student learning. Teachers also adjust their instruction depending on assessment results. Grading is otional. These form of assessments are usually used to provide feedback to students and to allow teachers with information to adjust instruction. Formal This can be a planned activity. Specific activities. Homework Quizzes Informal Informal Observations Teacher provides feedback immediately Teacher asks question.

1.2. Summative

1.2.1. Summative assessments are planned. These assessments are usually given at the end of a unit or chapter. These types of assessments are the ones that appear in report cards and state district reports. The goal of these assessments are to evaluate student learning. Final Exams These are used to provide data for teachers on student learning. Major cumulative projects Standardize testing High Stakes

1.3. Interim

1.3.1. Assessment that teachers use to evaluate where their students are in the learning process. Interim Blocks Focus on smaller sets of related concepts. Provide more detailed information for instructional purposes. Comprehensive Interim Use the same blueprint as Summative Assessments. Provide the same scores