The Effect of Computers on Business

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The Effect of Computers on Business by Mind Map: The Effect of Computers on Business

1. Hardware

1.1. P.C.: Must be current with appropriate device attachment options as well as equipped with the fastest processors and largest capacity for business tp function at it's peak performance.

1.1.1. Printers Scanner Smart Phone: Upgrading and maintaining the most current devices for business compatibility,

2. Software

2.1. Unique to Specific Business: This increases speed and functionality by reducing time spent adjusting to a generic process.

2.2. Increases Speed by removing calculation time, duplication of work and allowing multiple functions to be done at one desk.

2.2.1. Efficiency: Errors and time spent on a project are significant reduced. Presentations are easily created for meetings and promotional requirements without the need for external sources.

3. Social Media

3.1. Twitter

3.1.1. Facebook Instagram Google+

4. Internet

4.1. Communication: increased communication locally and internationally.

4.1.1. Information: Information regarding new product, competitors, opportunities and trends can be accessed in minutes. External Email: Creates faster response for customer requests, purchases, billing and payment. Research & Development: Instrumental in researching customer needs and finding ways to meet them

5. Marketing

5.1. Brand Publicity

5.1.1. Advertising Visibility Website

6. Connectivity

6.1. Wiring Maintenance and upgrades as technology changes and improves.

6.1.1. Tech Support (Internal and External)

7. Training

7.1. Costly to continuously train staff on new hardware, software and Social Media

7.1.1. Ongoing as technology changes

8. All social media sites must be monitored, updated and responded to on a regular basis and in a timely manner.

9. The use of Websites, Social Media, and software for designs and presentations increase Marketing Potential.