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Web 2.0 from a CSCW perspective by Mind Map: Web 2.0 from a CSCW perspective
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Web 2.0 from a CSCW perspective

What is Web2.0?

Social Software

Communities vs. Collaboration

Examples of places; youtube,, facebook

Taxonomies (?)

Collaboration perspective



General principles

Unstructured article input

Blogging as Social Activity, or, Would You Let 900 Million People Read Your Diary?


A Face(book) in the Crowd: Social Searching vs. Social Browsing

What Goes Around Comes Around: An analysis of as social space


The Long Tail

ECSCW 2007 papers

HT06, Tagging Paper, Taxonomy, Flickr, Academic Article, To Read


Shared Waypoints and Social Tagging to Support Collaboration in Software Development

What is Web2.0?


Where to use

Example: Facebook vs Sharepoint

System introduction

Development model

Web2.0 and CSCW symbiosis

Web2.0 has new kinds of collaboration (Find examples)

Possible to integrate with "traditional" CSCW




From the book, communities are ..

"a set of people who share something"

Related to teams in groupwork like ...

Tagging vs recommending

Amazon vs. Flickr (?)

Is it the same (?)