Chromebook Resources

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Chromebook Resources by Mind Map: Chromebook Resources

1. Web Resources

1.1. Template Gallery- Students have already used this to find templates for brochures, magazines, games through Google Slides-

1.2. DocTeach- literacy activities for history utilizing various social studies skills-

1.3. Map Collection- maps skills including battle maps and local maps that have changed overtime-

1.4. Map Machine- analyze various maps, includes map machine to create specialized maps-

1.5. Cagle- Political Cartoons Database- for analyzing current cartoons-

1.6. American Memory Project- used in great Depression unit-

1.7. History Wired- an experimental program through which you can take a virtual tour of selected objects from the vast collections of the National Museum of American History.

2. Google Apps

2.1. PicMonkey- for editing photographs- could be used to add speech bubbles to historical photographs to demonstrate understanding of time period

2.2. EasyBib Tools- Students can easily cite resources so they can begin to see how to assess the authority and credibility of their resources.

2.3. MoveNote- For flipped classroom- review slides with audio and video

2.4. Pear Deck- integrated with Google Classroom- can be graded with flubaroo- quick assessment for students and can see how they compare to class

3. Google Extensions/Add-ons

3.1. GoogleDocs

3.1.1. Kaizena- for audio feedback

3.1.2. EasyBib or ProQuest Flow-

3.1.3. Speech Recognition- for typing difficulties

3.2. Google Spreadheets

3.2.1. Superquiz Sets up auto-feedback and allows for analysis of forms data

3.2.2. Doctopus create an organized class structure and share Drive files with students-- Grade using Goobric web app!

3.2.3. Flubaroo Collect student submissions in a sheet, and grade them using Flubaroo