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Sunrise Digital by Mind Map: Sunrise Digital

1. This Month (July)

1.1. Proposition Elements - consider details

1.1.1. How do we leverage digital to delight our customers? Channels Partnerships China-specific approaches

1.1.2. What is feasible? Costs IT Complexity Ops Complexity Legal restrictions/regulations

1.1.3. How do we leverage digital to make our staff better at their jobs?

1.2. Share direction with Ops

2. Next Month

2.1. Align operations and digital

2.2. Capture digital requirements

2.3. Translate digital requirements

2.4. Consider Vendor Selection

3. Proposition Elements "Patient Portal"

3.1. Digital Referral Process

3.2. Online Medical Records

3.3. Book and Search (real-time)

3.4. Online Registration

3.5. Past Expenditure Tracking

3.6. Virtual Consultations

3.7. Prescription Re-ordering

3.8. Health Profile

3.9. Online Doctor Notes

3.10. Lab and Image Results

3.11. Virtual Second Opinion

3.12. Lab Test Tracking

4. IT