Defined Career?

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Defined Career? by Mind Map: Defined Career?

1. No? What do they WANT to do?

1.1. Mentoring (Who in the Stake will Mentor them?)

1.2. Target Employers

1.2.1. Short, direct script + YouTube Cover Letter

1.3. 5 days of free trial employment?

1.4. Free projects?

1.5. Self Employment?

1.5.1. Kijiji Ads for Services

1.5.2. Cold Calls Call 25 companies Can you sell your service? What did you learn?

1.5.3. Rent specialized equipment + cold calls

1.5.4. Segment market with LinkedIn

1.6. Fast Jobs

1.6.1. Temp Agencies

1.6.2. Walk-on Jobs (Residential Construction, etc.)

1.6.3. Cash Corner

2. Yes? Who do you know in the industry? Talked to them?

2.1. Yes? Target Employers

2.1.1. Short, direct intro script

2.1.2. YouTube Cover Letter Use 8 Traits that Trump a Resume

2.1.3. Well-written Resume with focus for THAT job Use 8 Traits that Trump a Resume

2.1.4. Segment Market with

2.2. No? Go Networking

2.2.1. Reciprocity. How can you help others? (Luke 6:38)

2.2.2. Ask for referrals (Know any one who needs...)

2.2.3. List Contacts

2.2.4. Take them out for Juice. Make friends. (Luke 16:8-9)