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3 minute team film by Mind Map: 3 minute team film
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3 minute team film

Which cameras?

You know how to use it

You can work quickly

Avoid complicated or high end gear unless you know what you're doing!

Why a film?

Efficient team presentations

International audience

A fun way to record your memories!

Why only 3 mins?

Present your GovHack

Judges will stop watching at 3 mins!

How to prepare

Simple outline


You don't have Lots of time

No need to be a masterpiece

Don't include

No need for a detailed script

Other tips and support for producing your Team GovHack video

How to film your video



What should be in the video?


Record your teams progress

Describe your hack

Demo your hack

How to edit your video

Editing software

Hosting your video

Render resoultion

More information in this short film:

This mind map is free for anyone to share, copy, print or whatever! Enjoy it, enjoy GovHack 2015! See you at Whanganui, NZ!