Sociological Imagination

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Sociological Imagination by Mind Map: Sociological Imagination

1. Sociology - The study of human society

1.1. Focuses on making comparisons across environments to find patterns and make hypothesis

1.2. How individuals interact with each other

1.2.1. History and anthropology

1.2.2. Psychology and biology

1.2.3. Political science

2. Social institutions

2.1. Networks of structures in society that work to socialize the groups of people within them.

2.1.1. Examples:Family, Military

3. connect our personal experiences to society at large

3.1. What we need and what we think we need

3.1.1. Develop reason

4. "to question habits or customs that seem “natural” to us."

5. Social Identity

5.1. The way individuals define themselves in relationship to groups they are a part of

5.2. "Troubles"

5.2.1. Ones self who what they are directly in

5.3. "Issues"

5.3.1. matters that transcend these local environments of each individual and range of inner life

6. American Sociology

6.1. First School: University of Chicago

6.1.1. School focused on emperical research; the belief that people behave according to their society and environment

7. Divisions

7.1. Microsociology

7.1.1. face to face encounters

7.2. Macrosociology

7.2.1. social dynamics across whole societies