Visible Learning & Teaching

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Visible Learning & Teaching by Mind Map: Visible Learning & Teaching

1. Students become their own teachers when they can...

1.1. Self monitor

1.2. Self evaluate

1.3. Self assess

1.4. Self teach

2. Visual Teaching & Learning Occurs When...

2.1. Learning is the explicit & trasnparent goal

2.2. Appropriately challenged

2.3. Teacher & student seek if and to what degree challenging goal is attained

2.4. Deliberated practice to master a goal

2.5. Feedback is given and sought

2.6. Active, passionate, and engaging people are involved

3. Teachers as evaluators & activator

3.1. Knows a range of learning strategies

3.2. Provides direction and redirection

3.3. Provides appropriate feedback

3.4. Possesses the skill to get out of the way when learning is taking place and student is making progress

4. Experienced vs. Expert Teachers

4.1. Experienced

4.1.1. Low Impact: Improve 0.25 or less

4.1.2. Subject matter knowledge

4.1.3. Taught for many years

4.1.4. Able to motivate students and hold their atention

4.1.5. Know how to manage their classrooms effectively

4.1.6. Can change course in the middle of a lesson to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities to enhance student learning

4.2. Expert

4.2.1. High Impact: Improve 0.40 or more

4.2.2. High levels of knowledge and understanding of subjects taught

4.2.3. Can guide learning to desirable surface and deep outcomes

4.2.4. Successfully monitor learning

4.2.5. Provide feedback that assists students to progress

4.2.6. Can attend to attitudinal attributes such as self efficacy and mastery motivation

4.2.7. Provides evidence of positive impacts of the teaching on student learning

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