Opening a resale shop

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Opening a resale shop by Mind Map: Opening a resale shop

1. Business Plan

1.1. how to create a business plan

1.1.1. parts of a business plan cover sheet My name/business name date contace information contents page headings for specific sections sub-headings to make navigation easier executive summary basic overview (no details) name the product or service where will I sell items who are my target customers financial projections specific sections Product description (what is the product or service offered) Marketing Overview Marketing strategy Financial informatiom Implementation plan Controls and measures Appendix appendix

1.1.2. free templates

2. Funding

2.1. Small Business Loan

2.2. Donations

2.3. Out of pocket

3. What type of merchandise to sell

3.1. Collectibles

3.2. Hand-crafted items (mine and other's)

3.2.1. Pricing (how to figure out prices to sell for.)

3.3. Good used clothing

3.4. Anything that will make me money

4. Advertising

4.1. How much do I need to advertise

4.2. Forms of advertisement

4.2.1. flyers hand them out leave in mailboxes pin to bulletin boards

4.2.2. business cards

4.2.3. word of mouth

4.2.4. Grand-opening celebration (send invitations)

4.2.5. local newspapers

4.2.6. build a web page

4.2.7. social media

4.2.8. promotions/coupons

4.3. What are some low-cost ways to advertise

4.4. How will advertising affect my business and profits

5. Location

5.1. Which area do I want to open in?

5.1.1. how much room will I need?

5.2. What can I afford to spend on rent?

5.2.1. Will I need insurance?

5.3. Are there other resale shops in the area? (competitors)

6. Obtain Tax Number and License

6.1. How do I do these things?

6.1.1. fill out and turn in applications

6.1.2. check online resources for filing paperwork

6.1.3. How long does it take to obtain these documents?

6.1.4. what is the cost of getting a tax number and/or register my business

7. Accounting

7.1. Record of inventory and stock

7.1.1. will I keep my own records or hire an accountant?

7.2. Profit/loss

7.3. Record of expenses

7.3.1. Which record-keeping software should I use

7.4. Record of sales

8. Employees

8.1. hire help

8.2. do it myself

9. Business Name

9.1. what will I call my boutique

9.1.1. Ask friends and family for advice

10. Bring in the customers

10.1. How to get potential customers to my store?

10.1.1. Strategies for bringing in the customers

10.2. Where do customers come from?

11. Possible obstacles

11.1. Financial problems

11.2. Health issues