Project V

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Project V by Mind Map: Project V

1. FAQ

1.1. List of questions and answers

2. Contact Us

2.1. Vroomo address information

2.2. Vroomo telephone and contact information

2.3. "Contact Us"-form

2.3.1. Confirmation Page

3. Buy

3.1. Top banner (carousel)

3.2. Search filters

3.3. Search results

3.3.1. Car Summary

3.3.2. Main Photo

3.3.3. Price

3.3.4. "More Information"-button Vehicle Details-page Header Area Main Content Side Panel "Reserve now"-button "Buy now"-button

3.4. No search results

3.4.1. Call the Bots! (form) Year; Mileage; Price Free text: Car make, model, options Contact Information Submit-button Confirmation Page Confirmation e-mail?

4. Sell

4.1. Registration Number + mileage

4.2. Vehicle Details (Motorspecs)

4.3. Vehicle Condition Checklist

4.3.1. Not OK: "Contact Us about your Checklist"-form Confirmation Page

4.3.2. OK: Price Gauge, disclaimer, "Continue"-button

4.4. Seller Contact Information

4.4.1. Inspection Reservation Matrix with 2-hour timeslots, 2 weekdays ahead "Confirm"-button Confirmation Page