Wilson's task on gumtree. (buying cardigan)

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Wilson's task on gumtree. (buying cardigan) by Mind Map: Wilson's task on gumtree.        (buying cardigan)

1. Match between system and real world.

1.1. There is always a telephone number in every item. To contact the person

1.2. Email is provided.

1.3. Dangerous to give number out.

2. Visibility of system status.

2.1. Sign In, Register, Post Ad, Create Profile, My Gumtree, Help are all seperated.

2.2. Searched words like "cardigan" are highlighted in every item found.

2.3. Picture of cardigan is not clear due to human error.

3. User control and freedom.

3.1. Too many advertisement cause confusion.

3.2. can easily go back to the cardigan page if the one i clicked on isn't what you want.

4. Help and documentation

4.1. There is a help button shown clearly at the top right hand corner.

4.2. Inside the help button contains alot other information.

4.3. There is no number to call when needed further clarification.

5. Helps user recognise, diagnose & recover from errors.

5.1. If i wrote a wrong email to send me the dealing details, i wouldn't know.

5.2. The back button is available in any page.

6. aesthetic and minimalist design.

6.1. Design of website is simple to understand.

6.2. Design of website is too simple. monotonous colour.

6.3. item and item are seperated clearly.

7. Flexibility and efficiency of use.

7.1. The cardigan can be search in one step.

7.2. Can find all kinds of item, jobs etc easily.

8. Recognition rather than recall.

8.1. The search button is very clear, other way to find cardigan is simple too.

8.2. There is picture for that cardigan.

9. error prevention.

9.1. When cursor moved to the cardigan wanted, the area which are able to click are highlighted

9.2. Only can press the picture of item but not the description.

10. consistency and standards.

10.1. Not every item clicked will have number so harder to contact the seller.

10.2. Ads appears in same places every page.

10.3. The words searched are highlighted orange on every item.