Ginsberg's Procreation Stories: Abortion

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Ginsberg's Procreation Stories: Abortion by Mind Map: Ginsberg's Procreation Stories: Abortion

1. Fargo, North Dakota Women's Health clinic opens in 1981

1.1. first free standing place that offered abortions in the town

1.2. sparked controversy among citizens of Fargo

2. pro choice

2.1. born in 1940's

2.2. understand other life paths beyond motherhood

2.3. understand sexuality, pregnancy, and child bearing yet also understand the life impacts of choosing not to have children

2.4. mixed backgrounds

3. anti abortion

3.1. often religious

3.2. born in 1920's and 1950's

3.3. mothers

3.4. house wives

3.5. think of women as mothers and nurturers

3.6. defined by motherhood

4. When is a fetus a person?

5. Nuturance

5.1. theme in both pro life and pro choice

5.2. female life cycle transitions

6. activists

6.1. mostly white

6.2. mostly middle class

6.3. mostly female