Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. The signals that the keyboard send are then displayed as text on the monitor as output.

2. Input devices are devices that allow users to enter information into a computer so that it can be used for processing.

3. There are quite a few devices that allow you to enter information but he most commonly used devices are the keyboard, mouse, trackball, gesture, voice recognition, and pointing devices.

4. Computer information is sent to the from the computer to the printer and displayed as information on paper from the printer.

5. There are some devices that can be used as both an input and output devices such as a CD-RW drive or a USB flash drive. They can both send information to the computer and receive information from a computer.

6. Electrical signals are sent by keyboards to the monitor.

7. Input Devices

8. Output Devices

9. Input/Output Devices

10. Output devices are devices that reproduce or display the results of the processing.

10.1. Order picture frames

10.2. Task #2

10.3. Task #3

11. Being able to input your information into a computer is golden because this way you can store your information and display it as output later. Your notebook might be left hanging around but your information can be sent to your email and stored so it can be processed at a later time.

12. You and later on pull up the information that you put in and print it later. Your information is kept private until you want to share it later

13. The only thing I would have to worry about when using the computer would be for my computer to crash. Should the computer crash all of your information is then lost.