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Project-X by Mind Map: Project-X

1. User

1.1. Register/Login user

1.2. Manage user in company (CRUD)

1.3. User is belong to a group or not

1.4. Manage group (CRUD)

1.5. Two factor authenticator

1.6. Limit user registration if free account

1.7. Manage user can create custom roles, set permissions for role and assign to normal user

1.8. Move user from group to another group

1.9. Single sign on

1.10. Two factor authentication

1.11. Social login (facebook & google)

1.12. User settings (flexible to add settings)

1.13. Buy slots to create users

2. Front page (one page)

3. Integration

3.1. Googe docs/calendar

3.2. Dropbox

3.3. Payment - unknown

3.4. Outlook

4. Framework

4.1. Laravel 5.1