Vi - Dominating the Game Pre-6

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Vi - Dominating the Game Pre-6 by Mind Map: Vi - Dominating the Game Pre-6

1. Recognizing the Opportunity

1.1. Video Creator Info

1.1.1. We want to present this information in a hierarchy. So, it's basically a check list that you provide for them and they go step by step through it to determine whether or not they should spend time ganking that lane. We should have a table that says "must have these things" If I haven't given you information about this ask me. I have a pretry clear idea what I want.

1.2. Wave Location/Can I get behind Them

1.2.1. Wave location is the first and most important thing that you should be looking for. In the early game, diving is often extremely risky and not advised, so the enemy being pushed up is crucial. This is your first sign that a lane might be gankable.

1.3. Health

1.3.1. If Wave Even Look for 75% or lower. See below for more details.

1.3.2. If Enemy at Your Turret Any HP is fine

1.3.3. Enemy HP is also crucial, but its importance depends on the first factor of wave location, so that's why it's second on this list.

1.4. Summoners

1.4.1. Mine and my allies If you have flash it almost guarantees that you can land a Q if you do it correctly

1.4.2. Enemy If you use Flash Q to hit them and they have flash they can just flash away, so ganking someone without flash is ideal, but you still have enough damage to kill them even if they have flash, so don't let this deter you. It's more to encourage if they don't have it.

1.5. Enemy Escapes

1.5.1. It's important that you avoid people with low CD reliable escapes (Ezreal, LeBlanc). Often ganking targets like this is just a waste of time. However, if you see them using their abilities to farm or harass, you can then sit next to the lane waiting for them to use it, then harass. So, it's important that you watch how players lane and how they use their abilities.

1.6. Ally CC

1.6.1. Having an ally with CC is great, but not really necessary. With your full combo you can almost solo someone, so having that extra CC usually isn't make or break. However, if you do have an ally with reliable CC, this can be extremely useful if they use it first to line up your Q. or as an easy follow up if you land your Q first.

1.7. Wards

1.7.1. Tracking wards is a vital part of jungling and having successful ganks, however, we've placed this at the bottom of the list for one reason: In our observations of low ELO play, the people you're ganking are going to be warding very rarely, and responding to you walking through wards even less. So, while this is a CRUCIAL part of high elo Jungling, it falls off in lower ratings.

2. Examples

2.1. Gank Mid

2.1.1. SFYGK

2.2. Gank Top

2.2.1. EMOJS

2.3. Gank Top

2.3.1. URFZF

2.4. Tons more can be found by checking any of the Challenger in Bronze footage.

3. Capitalizing on the Opportunity

3.1. So, now that you've decided the perfect place to gank, how do you ensure that you pick up the kill or do as much damage as possible? The first thing you need to do is land the perfect combo.

3.2. Main Combo

3.2.1. Full Charge Q, Auto, E, Auto, E The ideal combo is a fully charged Q directly into two auto attack resets. If you're able to perfectly execute this combo you will see huge damage. Note that it is important to orb walk during this combo since your main source of mobility is already on cooldown. If you just stand still while doing this, the enemy will quickly run out of your range.

3.3. Importance of Q

3.3.1. So, as you can likely see, this ganking combo is entirely reliant on you landing your Q. There will surely be some ganks that are so easy that you don't need your Q, but for the vast majority it is vital. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you land your Q. Smite before releasing Q Q from Fog of War Flash Q Chaining with Ally CC

3.4. NEVER Q backwards

3.4.1. There's not much to say about this one. It's a very simple but very important rule. You never want to release your Q backwards in the lane. If you miss this will instantly end the gank. Instead, if you have a great angle on them, skip using your Q right away and just cut them off, saving your Q for when they flash

4. What if these opportunities don't present themselves?

4.1. Power Farm 6! It's unlikely that, in low elo, you won't have these chances often, though, so if you find yourself doing this often then you should be concerned that you're missing chances.

5. Video Creator Info

5.1. This video will be all about how the player can take over the game pre 6. This is largely going to be centered on performing high percentage ganks whenever possible. The idea is that we teach them how to recognize a high percentage gank and how to execute it. We should also emphasize, though, that if no high percentage ganks are available it is superior to just go ahead and farm for 6.

6. Intro

6.1. Dominating the early game on Vi is all about making correct decisions regarding ganks. Deciding whether or not you should attempt to gank a lane is difficult, and there isn't always one clear answer. We've identified this as one of the key issues with lower level players on Vi. They often waste precious minutes attempting ganks that were doomed from the start, causing themselves to fall behind and play catch up for the rest of the game. However, there are undoubtedly some general rules you can follow to improve your decision making. This video will aim to teach you how to determine whether or not a lane is gankable, how to capitalize if a lane is, and how to react if they are not.

7. Perfect Before Advancing Challenge